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  • Where are BreezeBlocker air conditioner covers needed?
    Anywhere that has through the wall air conditioners with sleeves protruding from the exterior of the building 2″ or more! Works exceptionally well when undersized replacement units (or no units at all) are installed into existing sleeves that cause large gaps.
  • What units do Breezeblocker air conditioner covers fit on?
    BreezeBlocker Air Conditioner Covers are design and sized specifically for the most commonly used through the wall manufacturers like: GE, Hotpoint, Fedders, Friedrich, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Norge, Coldpoint, Westinghouse, and more
  • How do Breezeblocker air conditioner covers stay on?
    BreezeBlocker’s custom fit and heavy elastic internally sewn shock cord holds cover tightly to sleeve.
  • How long does it take to install the BreezeBlocker Cover?
    BreezeBlocker installs in seconds. No screws, bungee cords, tape or belts. Simply slip over the sleeve and you are done. Check out our Installtion Demo Video.
  • Can Your Cover Be Used For Inside Application?
    Although the BreezeBlocker was originally designed for exterior use, all standard covers will work on the inside just as well as the outside. If your AC is fairly squared off in the front and protrudes at least 4" from the wall, our standard exterior covers may be installed on the inside if that's your preference.
  • How long do covers typically last?
    The owners of BreezeBlocker have had their covers on their buildings for more than 10-years and they still look and function great! These buildings are locted in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas and experience a broad range of harsh winter weather.
  • How do I know what size cover I need?
    First determine if you can cover your unit(s) from the inside, outside, or both. Then measure your sleeve and use the chart to confirm your size.
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