>> Gives the property owner complete control of installation and removal of these winterizing materials for a more consistent, attractive exterior appearance.

>> Installing BreezeBlocker shows your tenants YOU CARE no matter who pays the energy costs.

>> Promotes recycling by using a quality material that can be used for years instead of one-time-use materials to be thrown away each season.

>> Eliminates the need for tenants to attempt to do the winterizing themselves.

>> Many times duct tape and other methods that are used damages inside trim, drywall, or painted surfaces. BreezeBlocker attaches to the outside of the building and does not affect the interior decorating of the unit.

>> Covers are custom-fit. A heavy elastic, internally sewn, shock cord holds cover tightly to the sleeve.

>> Installs in seconds. No screws, bungee cords, tape, or belts! Simply slip over the sleeve and you are done.

>> BreezeBlockers are proudly made in the USA!


BreezeBlocker installs in seconds. No screws, bungee cords, tape, or belts. Simply slip over the sleeve and you are done. See for yourself how easy it is with our Installation Demo Video below!

"I had been looking for an alternative to cheap, unsightly, unattractive, messy, taped-on, strapped-on, destructive plastic garbage bag type objects attached to our buildings for years. I COULDN'T FIND ONE, so I decided to manufacture them!"

- President, ARKAD Manufacturing, Inc.

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